Everyone has the idea in their heads that if they eat salad they would either lose weight or stay the same. You will be shocked by the amount of people that gain weight from eating salads, i’m not talking about your typical cucumber and tomato salad , i’m talking about salads the are filled with fatty dressing which contain hundreds of invisible calories.

A teaspoon of simple ranch dressing contains 148 calories so imagine how much does a whole plate of salad that is filled with dressing contain? A lot is the answer !! Eating salad that is filled with dressing is not the rite answer to losing weight … Eating salad that has little or no dressing at all will help you lose weight …

Dressing is knows as an invisible calorie because doesn’t seem like this little amount would cost you to gain weight. Here is a link that contains types of dressings and how much calories each contain : http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-salad-dressings-ic0401




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